Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses-learn how to see.
Realize that everything connects you to everything else. - Leonardo da Vinci

Hello, I'm Sujin Lee. Since 2017, I have been in the master’s degree course in Program in Digital Contents and Information Studies at Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology(GSCST), Seoul National University. Also, I am a member of Music and Audio Research Group at SNU, a highly interdisciplinary research group that studies Music Information Retrieval (MIR).

I have pursued my passions of music and programming with equal vigor, aiming to make creative work that inspires. I want to use programming to unlock the secret of music masterpiece in the nearest future.

While I enjoy all aspects of my job and do some creative projects, I run Django Girl Seoul Community with friends to encourage women to jump into technology lately and we manage workshops about programming in Python and Django

When I am not coding, I go out for running with my lovely shoes!

If you want to say hello, I'm mostly on twitter or facebook. I always love hearing about you and new projects.


My Website

This website is built with django1.10 and you can check code in my GitHub repo.